Farewell for now…

In 2017, my family will be moving abroad – to Seattle, US. As such, I have had to make the difficult (but sensible!) decision to close down my small business, with the hope that one day in the future when we are settled in, I may again find the opportunity to re-establish Sandlwood and return to the design and sewing that I have loved so much to share with you all over the last several years.

Furthermore, I am happy to share the news that my 2 boys will be expecting a new sibling later in the year; so I will have a brand new “customer” to practice on!

Thankyou again to all my lovely friends, family and customers who have been so supportive of Sandlwood. And a special thanks to my husband who has lived in the shadow of hundreds of bolts of fabric for years, and only complained a little bit.